Employment Opportunities
Employment opportunities at The Early Education Center provide competitive compensation with a comprehensive benefit package. Although compensation and benefits are important we seek to provide:
  • a working environment that is safe and pleasant
  • work that is meaningful and fulfilling
  • a team ministry concept within the work environment.
If you would like to join our ministry team, simply click on the link to our employment application.

What To Expect

Organizational Policy
The ministry and mission of Vero Beach First UMC is "to know Christ and to make Him known." It is the goal of all ministries and programs of our church, of which The Early Education Center is a vital one, to provide fertile ground in which the gospel can grow within our walls. Furthermore, it is our goal to disciple God's children so that they can move beyond the walls of our church to carry the gospel to those in the world. This compels us to witness to Christ in our relationship with the ministry team of the Church and The Early Education Center and to seek to enable them to meet their professional responsibilities in the Church and The Early Education Center by providing a work environment and policy that reflects Christian teaching. We believe that those who work for the Church or The Early Education Center should understand their employment in terms of ministry and not simply as a job. Hence, all paid staff members and employees will be referred to as ministry team members. It is our desire that all ministry team members will find their work desirable and rewarding. And it is unto this goal that these policies have been established.

Therefore, it is our intent to:
  • Provide management that is skilled, fair, and concerned about the welfare of our ministry team members;
  • Competitively compensate each ministry team member in accordance with assigned responsibilities, personal/professional ability, cooperation, and development;
  • Fill vacancies or new positions, when possible, by transfer or promotion from within our existing ministry team;
  • Discuss willingly and frankly any problems, complaints, or questions concerning policy;
  • Keep all ministry team members informed in advance of public notice, whenever possible, of any changes that may affect them or their families; and,
  • Provide equal opportunity to all applicants and ministry team members regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, marital status, or veteran status.
Background Checks
Background checks are run on all ministry team members before they are hired and may be run periodically thereafter. Inasmuch as the state restricts the employment of individuals with certain records, especially when there are school-related programs for children, the decision regarding a ministry team member's hiring or a ministry team member's continued employment once he/she has been hired, may change pending the outcome of any such check.

The Early Education Center values each ministry team member and wants to assure that each ministry team member is compensated adequately. It is for this reason that The Early Education Center has set up a four tiered salary scale based on the education of the ministry team member, state certification of the ministry team member, classroom experience and classroom assignment. When a ministry team member receives certain academic degrees, higher levels of state certification, additional classroom experience and larger classroom assignments then the ministry team member’s compensation will reflect those achievements and assignments. It is our desire for our ministry team members to be well-paid and well-qualified.

The Early Education Center of Vero Beach First UMC provides the following benefits for full time, active ministry team members working at least 40 hours per week:
  • Disability Insurance
  • Child Education/Health Insurance Financial Supplement
  • Life Insurance
  • Payroll Tax Contribution/Allowance
  • Verizon Wireless Phone Supplement
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance
To apply, fill out our Employment Application Form